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The Favourite Sons Mix their new record @ Atlantic Sound Studio

Diko has been mixing the new Favourite Sons record and it's sounding great! Mixing should be completed next week. The band has done a great job recording this album with producer Michael Deming at the helm.

Charter Oak EQ & Compressor!

We have recently acquired the brand new Charter Oak SCL-1 compressor and unreleased PEQ1 stereo EQ.

Both these pieces add a completely different flavor to the current list of compressors & EQs, providing more sonic options in recording and mixing. We've very excited to have them!

NEW PLUG-INS ALERT - SSL G4000 & Melodyne Editor!

We have just incorporated the new V7 SSL G4000 plugins. These plugins complement the analog EQs very nicely and make EQ adjustments ‘in the box’ more realistic.

We’ve also purchased Melodyne Editor, the leading pitch correction software available. Whether you want very subtle (read: un-noticable) pitch correction or full blown auto-tuning, Melodyne can do it all.

A Better Sounding, Quieter & More Comfortable Control Room - Just what the doctor ordered

We have been working on the control room and are very happy with the results. We’ve put in 4 bass traps on the rear wall, solving the small bass problem we were having. We have also put more more diffusers behind the speakers and on the roof to accommodate the Westlakes. So far all the changes have made a noticeable difference, we’re very happy!

We’ve also installed an Iso-Box for the computer and power supplies, making it a very quiet control room to work in.

Last but not least, we have purchased 3 Aeron chairs, so that engineers, producers and artists alike remain comfortable throughout the session.

Studio ‘B’ Now up and Running

We have finished treating ‘Studio B’ and it is now a fully functioning recording room. This room has a characteristic halfway between the live room and iso booth. It’s on the deader side, but with a natural decay.

New Converter! Lynx Aurora 16

We have purchased a new Lynx Aurora 16 converter. These converters sound great, we’re very happy to have one! This now takes are recording capabilities to 24/IO, and also makes tape transfers quick and easy.

New Gear Alert: Original Vintage Urei Teletronix LA-3A

We are now the proud owners of an original Urei LA-3A. It sounds fantastic, and is a welcome addition to our collection of compressions, providing a very different type of compression.

New Speakers!!! Westlake BBSM12s

Atlantic Sound Studio is now the proud owner of an incredible pair of Westlake BBSM12s. These speakers are sensational. Incredible frequency response, incredible listening experience, gentle on the ears, while being EXTREMELY LOUD! They are powered with a Bryston B4 amplifier.

The Favourite Sons

The Favourite Sons have been back in the studio, overdubbing some tracks for their new record, which is being produced and engineered by Michael Deming of Charter Oaks.


Producer/programmer Damian Taylor was in mixing a live television performance of Björk which was recently recorded in Iceland. Come back soon mate!

Hey Battlefield

Jason Rossi’s band, Hey Battlefield, have just finished recording and mixing their debut EP with Tom. The EP is an honest representation of the 3-piece band, with Sean Wayland fulfilling hammond duties on two of the tracks

Papstar :: A feature film by Adrian Grenier

Entourage’s own Adrian Grenier, (drummer for The Honey Brothers, who have been working with Diko for a number of years) has been working on his new feature film, ‘Papstar’, and has chosen Diko to record all of the voice overs for the film. The film is due for release in early 2010.

White Rabbits

The White Rabbits came to Atlantic Sound Studio courtesy of MySpace Transmissions. You can see the live recordings on the Myspace Transmissions website -

Diko engineered the recording, with Tom responsible for mixing duties.

Anthony Moore & Alexis Georgopoulos

English minimalist Anthony Moore combined forces with Alexis Kendall recently, to record an album in four days.

Anthony & Alexis chose to record using a hybrid of analog tape and pro tools. One song remained entirely analog, being recorded on the Studer and mixed down to the Ampex 1/2”, meanwhile the other songs had bed tracks recorded to pro tools, before being dumped to tape for more overdubs, then finally sent back to Pro Tools.

Diko engineered the first day before Tom took over to finish the recording. Highlights included recording a beautiful cello to tape (Royer 121 -> API 512c -> Tape), and also the recreation of a piece Anthony originally recorded in 1969, which involved recording piano chords on the tape machine, then flipping the tape and recording “backwards” chords, before halving the tape speed and dumping to protools, then editing all the chords together. It sounds amazing!

The album was mixed by Tom under the guidance of Alexis.