Music Recording

We pride ourselves on offering our clients the complete recording experience. The various aspects that allow us to facilitate this include our dedication to providing a stimulating, versatile atmosphere, a well-designed and great sounding recording space, a wide range of retro/current recording options, a beautiful analog console and last but not least, educated, experienced and down-to-earth engineers.

A Unique Environment

The New York City skyline, encompassed by the tranquil East river, stands a few hundred feet away, perfectly preserved within our two giant 7.5ft x 6.5ft windows, providing a constant, reassuring reminder of exactly why we do what we do in the studio. At twilight, the Empire State Building lights up, as do the three bridges outlining, arguably, one of the finest studio views in the world.

A Great Sounding Space

The live room provides a warm and natural sound. The combination of the soft, pine wood floors and tall hard brick ceilings enable the room to offer a natural and unique decay that can be manipulated with the use of Gobo’s.
Contrary to this, we also possess a ‘dead’ room in the form of an Isolation Booth. This room is integral in isolating particular instruments or amplifiers. It also functions as an ideal environment for recording voice-overs.

Recording Options

We feel it is our responsibility to provide you with a variety of options, so that with our help, you can tailor the environment to your specific needs. With this in mind, we can facilitate an entire live band recording together or, alternatively, to minimize ‘bleed’, we can isolate each individual instrument and amplifier into their own rooms.

The studio houses five gobo’s (three from the famous Sony Music Studios NYC) which enable us to offer a great many options when recording live. Utilizing these gobos, we can arrange the room in such a way to set up a very unique vocal booth overlooking the East River and Manhattan skyline. Perfect for facilitating those particular ‘Lead Singer Syndrome’ vocalists.

Bands will be offered the choice of recording straight into Pro-Tools or going through tape first, utilizing our pristine flagship Studer A827 2” 24 track tape machine. There is also a third option available - recording live to 2-track tape, using our flagship ½” Ampex ATR102 2 track tape machine.

The Console

We LOVE our Trident 80 console! Trident Consoles have a long history of producing incredible sounding records. We’re continually amazed, time and time again, at how good this desk really sounds. It’s very hard to put a foot wrong with it. Some simple words to describe the sound of this console: ‘Big’, ‘Open’, ‘Sweet’. Fundamentally, all analog desks do not sound the same, especially the older boards. We truly believe we have a gem and consider it paramount to our studio and an integral part of our finished sound. Trust us, if you record here, you will definitely agree!

The Engineers

The studio is comprised of two key ‘managers’, Diko Shoturma & Tom Pastro. We are both hugely passionate and greatly determined individuals that pride ourselves on ensuring each artist is able to see their ‘vision’ accomplished. Short of blowing our own trumpets, we are chilled, patient people, with a professional and focused attitude. We are primarily concerned with the recording experience, the sounds, and the musicians. We are extremely versatile, very easy to work with and always keen to learn new things from the musicians we work with. We’re ALWAYS open to, and excited about, utilizing any weird and wonderful techniques that artists may dream up.

The Vibe

The decadent, endearing surroundings, coupled with the personable and down-to-Earth team, enables Atlantic Sound Studio to offer what we feel to be the perfect studio atmosphere. The setting becomes alive when opened, and electrified when in use. When twilight approaches, the sun settles behind the Empire State Building and our ambient studio lights transform the space into a warm, cerebral sound stage.

Voice Over Recording

Atlantic Sound Studio is a great place to record voice-overs. Some of the benefits of recording voice overs here include:

  • A great selection of industry standard voice over microphones;
  • There are fantastic sight lines into the iso booth making communication between the talent and control room effortless;
  • There is a spacious, comfortable lounge area to relax in;
  • There is complete privacy in the studio
  • We are located as close to Manhattan as possible, without actually being in Manhattan.